2018 Grand Marshal

Eastpointe's Tiger Cats

Eastpointe's Cruisin Gratiot has traditionally chosen individuals to serve as The Grand Marshal. Thinking outside of the box this year, the Cruise committee decided to choose a group that has been very involved in the Eastpointe community
for a long period of time. Thinking of all of the volunteer hours that are put back into working with the youth of the community, there was no other group more deserving than Eastpointe's Tiger Cats.

The group was formed in 1960, and over the years has had an average of 150 children active in the program annually. The group is a part of the Eastern Suburban Football League (ESFL) and are busy gearing up for the 2018 season. 

What makes a youth group succeed for almost 60 years?  Dedicated adult volunteers is a huge part of the success. Recently President Gus Pickrahn was presented an award from the ESFL thanking him for his 25 years of dedicated service. Varsity players are also a huge part of the success story. When they return to talk about their days in high school, college and even one or two from the NFL, they inspire the younger players to strive to be their very best.

A group as large as the Tiger Cats also requires a dedicated Board of Directors which has always been a large part of the success story. This year, the group is led by President Gus Pickrahn, with Mike Roth, Connie Vicars, Toni Koliba, and General managers, Gus Richardson and Jim Vicars. Trustees include Evan Napper, Clarice Johnson, Christine Payne, Melissa McCann and Shelby Harris. Coaches include Gus, Evan Napper, Mike Klekotha, and Terrell Williams. All total, a group of very dedicated adults.

They will all be riding in the VIP Parade on Cruise Day, and a large number of their youth group will be riding in Ollie the Trollie. Watch for them, and cheer them on.


Scholarship Recipient

Also riding in the VIP Parade this year, is the recipient of Eastpointe's Cruisin' Gratiot $1000 scholarship, Rob  Baker, Jr. Rob recently graduated from Eastpointe High School with high honors, and has been accepted to study computer engineering at Lawrence Tech.