2019 Grand Marshal

Eastpointe Lions

In October, 1948 a group of civic minded people worked together to change an idea from a dream to reality through the chartering of the East Detroit Lions Club, then the Eastpointe Lions Club, just north of Detroit in the state of Michigan. The Eastpointe Lions Club serves approximately 35,000 people just in city proper and many more through its 11 charities that it supports annually.

Throughout the history of the club, members responded to the the need to lead even without a leadership title.  Members used their own skills and contacts to help the club reach its goals.  The Presidents, Club Officers and Board Members are instrumental in listening to the membership and working together as a team.

Some of our major accomplishments are:

  • A wall monument was built to honor the East Detroit Vietnam Veterans in 1970. It was the first monument of this type in the nation

  • Heart monitors and incubators were purchased for the Fire Department ambulances

  • Club sponsorship of the entire Macomb Blind Bowlers League when a group of blind bowlers were looking for a sponsor

  • Scholarship have been provided to students of East Detroit High School and Macomb Community College for the last thirty years totaling in excess of $40,000

  • Pavilions were built in the city park. Some as a team effort with other organizations and one built completely by the Lions

  • The Club pledged over $25,000 to help eliminate blindness throughout the world through  Campaign SightFirst 1 and 2

  • The Eastpointe Lions pledged $25,000 to Leader Dogs for the Blind for kennel renovations

  • Pumpkin carving for the blind, multiple handicapped children at Penrickton Center

And the list goes on and on…

As we watched the century change, the Eastpointe Lions saw the critical need to change. The Eastpointe Lions brought women into the club in 2000.  Women have served and are serving in every capacity of leadership including President, Treasurer, and Board of Directors.

Again as we bring in new and younger members, we see the need to change, this time to new technologies. Eastpointe Lions has a site on eClubhouse, Facebook and Twitter. A Technology Committee has been established and regularly updates each site and is on the lookout for more opportunities to promote the club.  

It is an exciting time for the club. Change is never easy, but it presents wonderful opportunities for growth. No matter what the future brings, the Eastpointe Lions Club is ready to serve!


Scholarship Recipient

Also riding in the VIP Parade this year, is the recipient of the Eastpointe's Cruisin' Gratiot $1000 scholarship, Valerie Ward.