How can I register my car?

You can register prior to Cruise Day by clicking on Register Your Car in the main navigation.

There are TWO Registration Tables this year….why?

The Board decided it would be more convenient, easier and faster if we separated Registration in this way:

  • One tent will be for picking up your pre-paid Cruiser Registration items, for purchasing them if you did not pre-register, or to purchase Lane Passes.
  • The other tent will be for everything else: filling out your Cruiser Raffle daily ticket, purchasing 50-50 or daily prize raffle tickets, purchasing Cruise merchandise, etc.

Is there a special Cruise Package?

Yes, see the Registration Form for information. A Cruiser-Package-Only T-shirt is included, and no one else will be able to purchase that particular shirt.

NOTE: Cruise packages/bags will NOT be mailed. You will be mailed a post card with your Registration verification. Bring the card to the Registration table any day during Cruise Week – at the Car Shows – or on Cruise Day at East Detroit High School, and you can pick up your Cruise Package.

Is there a dedicated cruiser lane? 

Yes, the left lane on both sides of Gratiot is solely for those with Cruiser packages and lane passes. The passes MUST be on display in your driver-side window at the top.

How do I get lane passes if I only want to cruise?

Contact the Cruise office at 586.498.9208 and you may advance-purchase a dedicated lane pass for $15, pre-Cruise. Your pass can be mailed to you provided you send in a self-stamped envelope and register before the mailing deadline of June 4, 2018. After that, lane passes are also available each day at the Car Show Registration – Tent #1. See the Events page for the schedule. On Cruise Day, lane passes are $20 and available at the Registration - Tent #1 at East Detroit High School and also from Cruise Ambassadors on the street, up and down Gratiot.

When or where can I pick up my Cruise Package or Lane Pass?

You may pick these up or buy them any day at the Classic Car Shows throughout the week by going to the Cruise Registration - Tent #1. See the car show schedule for daily locations. On Saturday June 16, the lane pass price goes from $15 to $ buy early!

Where can I get official Cruise Merchandise?

At various locations along Gratiot where our Cruise Charities will be selling T-Shirts, bags, and more. Merchandise may also be available at various Sponsor businesses on Cruise Day and prior, so ask your local business.

Can I set up a tent or reserve a spot to watch the Cruise?

You may set up a small tent along the Cruise route as long as you don’t infringe on local businesses. There are no reservations, it is First Come – First Serve. The median is also available to you.

How does the $1,000 Cruiser Raffle work?

Each day you bring your vintage car to a Classic Car Show, you will get one raffle form to fill out. You must personally drop your filled-out form into the specially marked Raffle Box at the Registration – Table Two. On Cruise Day at the 7:30pm Awards Presentation, one winning form will be drawn for the $1,000 prize. YOU MAY ONLY ENTER ONCE PER DAY PER CAR SHOW.

Can my Car Club participate?

Yes, there are businesses who have expressed an interest in hosting car clubs. Please contact the Cruise office for information

Can I set up my tent or blanket on the median of Gratiot?

Yes, though you must leave before 8:00pm when the police department sweep clears the avenue.

How can I compete to get the No. 1 Cruise Package for 2019?

We will have a Silent Auction for those who would like to try and get the first Cruise Package for 2019, our 21st Anniversary. Please see information at the Registration – Tent #2.